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‘Breakwater’ is a short environmental film that stresses the importance of the local action needed to reduce the global issue of marine litter.


It explores this extremely topical environmental issue through different human case studies, including the experiences from a Professor of Zoology, two environmentally conscious school students and a dedicated Surfers Against Sewage Rep. Importantly, the film acknowledges that the marine litter issue has been largely researched, documented and broadcasted globally, in which there has been many changes made across schools, businesses and society that need to be celebrated. This is mainly investigated through Devon’s achievements, through beach cleans and the evolving plastic-free communities, including Exeter.





The film aims to motivate further action by addressing the long-term individual changes that society needs to make to prevent damage to human health/well-being, as well as the environment and economy in the most effective way. As well as this, the film innovatively addresses the problem from a new perspective, in which the marine litter issue is humanised to enhance the appreciation of how it will impact us as humans. The 'Breakwater' title itself invents a new modern movement where local, community efforts act as a barrier between marine litter and the ocean.


The premiere of 'Breakwater' (17/08/2019) at Exeter Phoenix will raise awareness on what we can do as individuals to reduce marine litter, including stories and advice from local industry professionals, including Surfers Against Sewage, Finisterre and Plastic Free Exeter members. This eye-opening event will encourage Question and Answer interactions after the film screening, ensuring the event will be both inspiring and educational. 


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